Andean Lupine Beverage with Passion Fruit Pulp – LUPWI 1 Liter

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Andean Lupine Beverage with Passion Fruit Pulp

Product history / what does it contribute?
Alimentarte is the dream of María Del Pilar and Gustavo, an Ecuadorian couple that turns a personal issue into a big life project. They found natural and nutritional properties in the Andean Lupine (ancestral superfood crop), and they decided to share it with the world. They created amazing and innovative products for people who are looking for healthy food. They support the development process of rural and indigenous communities in Ecuador and their production is environmentally friendly.

Principal Ingredients:
Water, Andean lupine, passion fruit pulp, stabilizer (xanthan gum), sweetener (steviol glycosides), passion fruit flavoring.

Allergen declaration (if applicable):
Milk free

B Enterprise Certification

How to use:
Consume within 72 hours of opening. Shake before drink.

About the company:
We develop innovative food solutions based on Superfoods. We are inspired by the vitality of ancestral foods since they provide great nutritional value to the daily diet. We are looking for social well-being and economic growth of the indigenous communities we work with, under fair trade principles; we consider them our strategic partners. We work with Ancestral Superfoods and support small farmers in a sustainable way as an engine of community development in Ecuador.