Black Pepper

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100% natural black peppercorns. Presentation: Recycled glass container (14.5cm high x 5cm wide x 5cm deep) and lid for grinding (grinder), weighing 50g, in bales of 24 units.


Product history / what does it contribute?
Known as the Queen of Spices, Kasserola Black Pepper in natural grain grown on the coast of Ecuador, without preservatives or pesticity. Its harvest is carried out halfway through its maturation in an artisanal way and is dehydrated in a traditional drying process, which allows it to contain the colors, flavors and aromas characteristic of black pepper, which are released just when the grinding is carried out in the container.

Principal Ingredients:
Black peppercorns.

Allergen declaration (if applicable):


How to use:
Thanks to the grinder, you can add directly on the food before, during or, preferably, after cooking, because at the moment of being ground, it is where the essential oils make contact with the food. It can be used for sauces, marinades, and marinades, it is also ideal to add in soups, stews and roasts, or simply leave on the table for diners to add according to their preferences.