Anise with Stevia

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It is obtained from the mixture of anise (Pimpinella anisum) with stevia. Presentation: 25 teabags of 1.5g covered by recycled BOPP envelopes in recycled cardboard display (8cm high x 11cm wide x 8cm deep). Each bale contains 12 displays.

Dulcet Infusion

Product history / what does it contribute?
Common anise is a very versatile aromatic seed due to its sweet, spicy and earthy character, widely used in hot infusions. Dulcet Infusion opted for this renowned spice for an exclusive line sweetened with Stevia, and the results are wonderful on the palate.

Principal Ingredients:
Common anise (Pimpinella anisum) and stevia.

Allergen declaration (if applicable):


How to use:
To prepare an infusion, it is necessary to place a sachet in a cup with 200ml of water at 90 ° C, let it infuse for 3 minutes. Remove the bag, and drink. You can add lemon.