Ancestral Dark Chocolate 75%

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This bar scored Gold during the 2019 Ecuador Chocolate Awards.
It won also a silver medal in London at the Academy of chocolate 2020.
Harvest in the Manabí region, Ecuador
Single-origin: Lua – Chone
Grain Variety: «National cocoa»
Cacao fermented in indigenous laurel wood protected with amazon banana peel
Refined for 120 hours

Tasting Notes
Due to the uniqueness of its origin this bar has floral and fruity aromas with a tantalizing hint of citrus, plums and jasmine.

Product history / what does it contribute?
Our bars are composed only of cocoa and cane sugar, with a net content of 50gr per bar, we handle small batches between 3000 and up to 10,000 bars depending on the harvest that has been increasing thanks to efficient pruning work.
We estimate to double these quantities in a year due to the work that has been carried out by sowing 5000 new specimens of the national variety flavored up in 5 available hectares. We manage and control the complete traceability from the tree to the bar. Our packaging is made of sugar cane fiber.
Check out a complete interview of our story in the prestigious Chocolate Connoisseur magazine

Principal Ingredients:
Cacao and cane sugar


How to use:
Direct consumption in portion 25 grams.

About the company:
Lua is a chocolate shop that was born with a very particular purpose, to go back to the roots of chocolate. Established in Guayaquil, Ecuador, we produce in our own farm located in Chone, Manabí,
the finest and most aromatic cocoas known in the world. Lua Chocolate is a Tree to Bar company of Ecuadorian origin, we started our chocolate production in 2019 and we have complete control of the chocolate process.
Our Lua farm is 22 hectares located in Chone, Province of Manabi, Ecuador. We have Fine and National Cocoa Flavor. We have our own factory in Guayaquil, Ecuador.


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