Achiote in Pasta

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Natural Achiote (Bixa orellana) pasta with spices, without preservatives and with a touch of salt. Presentation: Recycled glass bottle (10cm high x 6.5cm wide x 6.5cm deep) and metal lid, weighing 250g, in packs of 12 units.


Product history / what does it contribute?
From one of the most used plants in Latin America since the pre-Columbian era, and which is present in innumerable rituals, especially in the preparation of food. Perfect to add an appetizing color, and with the inclusion of spices, it provides a moderately seasoned flavor, which balances the preparations.

Principal Ingredients:
Vegetable butter, achiote, onion, salt, spices.

Allergen declaration (if applicable):

GMP, Kosher

How to use:
A characteristic ingredient of American cuisine, it is easily recognizable by its intense and visible reddish orange color. Used in a moderate way, it does not alter the flavor of the main seasoning, however, in this presentation because it contains a spicy combination, it can be diluted little by little in water or melted in the heat to add to red, white meat, seafood, soups, creams and sauces. It can be mixed with base seasonings or marinades.